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Island Šipan

The largest island at group islands Elafi iti. The highest tip is Velji Vrh (234). Fertile, karts valley with olives trees, fig trees, citrus trees, vineyards, almond trees is located between saddles is located between two mountains. The main village Supanska Luka and Sudurad leis in the bay Šipanska Luka at the west end of valley and at bay Sudurad at its southeast end. Island Šipan is attractive for tourists, mariners and yachtsman.

First information about islands are from year 1371. Rebuilt church of St. Petar from 11th century is located at the peak Velji Vrh, church of St. Ivan from 11th century is situated at village Silovo Selo, monastery with the church of St. Mihovil from 11th century, Romans – Gothic house, gothic tower and Renaissance church of St. Duh from year 1569 is situated in the village Pakljena. Dubrovnik’s aristocracy built there their summer residency in 15th century. Reminds of summer residency of archbishop from Dubrovnik are located between villages Šipanska Luka and Sudurad. Archbishop, humanist and friend Michelangelo Lodovic Beccadelli lived there in 16th century

Sudurad –is village with new ferry’s porter at the southwest part of island. Island Ruda is located in the front of Sudurad. The most important building in the village is defenses aristocratic residency from year 1539 with high tower from year 1577.